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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishturkeytur‧key /ˈtɜːki $ ˈtɜːrki/ ●●● S3 noun  1 turkey2.jpg [countable]HBB a bird that looks like a large chicken and is often eaten at Christmas and at Thanksgiving2 [uncountable]DF the meat from a turkey eaten as food roast turkey3 [countable] American English informalAPTAMFFAIL an unsuccessful film or play4 talk turkey cold turkey
Examples from the Corpus
turkeyStir some into the stuffing for turkey or game birds, or mix with minced meat when making pâté.How many days will a frozen turkey take to defrost?Buy a map, turkeys -- and get a clue.Others suggest the dark meat of turkey.Spoon turkey mixture on to warm tortillas; roll up.Treat the family and serve it with your favourite meats and salads - don't save it just for the turkey!A Sunday night in September may be a bit early for Christmas but the Leadmill has already got the turkey in.Carol says I ought to get up early and help you put the turkey in the oven.