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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishallowableal‧low‧a‧ble /əˈlaʊəbəl/ adjective  1 LET/ALLOWacceptable according to the rules syn permissible The maximum allowable dosage is two tablets a day.2 BFallowable costs are costs that you do not pay tax on allowable deductions such as alimony and business expenses
Examples from the Corpus
allowableIn any other case, solicitor's charges as between party and party are allowable.Companies could select among the various allowable depreciation methods and depreciate an asset over its ADR-expected life.The annual subscription is, incidentally, an allowable expense and can be paid by instalment if necessary.Release from the reservoir are controlled to keep copper levels downstream at allowable levels.The former Hazardous Waste Inspectorate operated a large database on all sites, with details of permitted wastes, including allowable quantities.My one remaining, allowable vice?