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appropriateap‧pro‧pri‧ate2 /əˈprəʊprieɪt $ əˈproʊ-/ verb [transitive] formal  1 STEALto take something for yourself when you do not have the right to do this syn steal He is suspected of appropriating government funds.2 BFPGUSE somethingto take something, especially money, to use for a particular purposeappropriate something for something Congress appropriated $5 million for International Women’s Year.misappropriate→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
appropriateYet the means of production are privately owned, and the profits are appropriated by individuals.Carlin is suspected of appropriating company funds.An awareness of old history encourages caution when it is appropriated for a contemporary cause.Eventually their designs were appropriated for industrial production, which could be sold at cheaper prices.Other reactionary politicians vie to appropriate historical symbols of pre-communist antiquity.Since then, spending has slowly increased each year, but the Legislature has always appropriated more than Weld has requested.appropriate something for somethingCongress appropriated $11.7 billion for anti-drug campaigns.