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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbondbond1 /bɒnd $ bɑːnd/ ●●○ AWL noun [countable]  1 moneyBFS an official document promising that a government or company will pay back money that it has borrowed, often with interest My father put all his money into stock market bonds. furious trading on the bond market see also junk bond, premium bond, savings bond2 relationshipRELATIONSHIP something that unites two or more people or groups, such as love, or a shared interest or ideatiebond between the emotional bond between mother and childbond with the United States’ special bond with Britainbond of lifelong bonds of friendship3 bonds4 with glueSTICK the way in which two surfaces become attached to each other using glue Use a glue gun to form a strong bond on wood or china.5 HCchemistry technical the chemical force that holds atoms together in a molecule In each methane molecule there are four CH bonds.6 SCLwritten agreement a written agreement to do something, that makes you legally responsible for doing itcontract7 my word is my bond8 in/out of bondCOLLOCATIONSMeaning 2: something that unites two or more people or groups, such as love, or a shared interest or ideaadjectivesa close/strong bondA strong bond had developed between them.a common bond (=one that people share)They shared a common bond – a love of literature.a special bondThere was a special bond between him and his mother.an emotional bondAs soon as we met we felt an emotional bond.verbsform/forge a bond (=make a bond)Frequently horses form a strong bond with their riders.have a bondTwins often have a very close bond.feel a bondThe people of the island feel a strong bond with each other.strengthen a bondSharing experiences strengthens bonds with friends.break/destroy a bondHe didn’t want to do anything to break the bond between them.a bond develops (=a bond of friendship developed between them)Over six months of working together, a close bond developed.
Examples from the Corpus
bondBecause bond strengths may differ along the various crystallographic axes, hardness may also vary slightly in direction.It's almost inevitable that the client will form a very close bond with the therapist.Over the years the two men had developed deep bonds of friendship.Glu115 also forms hydrogen bonds to His118 and to Asp84, and Glu238 hydrogen-bonds to Glu204.My word is my bond.He felt a peculiar bond with these men and women, though most of them he barely knew.The mountain community is held together by deep historical and religious bonds.Obon is for closing off unfinished business, for restoring bonds, for healing and remembering.U.S. savings bondsShe was sharp-eyed and even sharper of tongue, but the bond of affection between them was unbreakable.The rate of interest on the bonds is quoted net of basic rate tax.These can be minimised by writing the bond under a suitable trust provided by the insurance company.The bond between mother and child is extremely strong.the bond marketbond ofthe bonds of slavery