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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbreakevenbreak‧e‧ven, break-even /ˌbreɪkˈiːvən◂/ noun [uncountable]  BFthe level of business activity at which a company is making neither a profit nor a loss(the) breakeven point/level The firm should reach breakeven point after one year. break even at even2(11)
Examples from the Corpus
breakevenThis assumption will later be relaxed when the nonlinear breakeven case is examined.Nonlinear breakeven analysis does not require that these assumptions be met.By 1985 the fusion rate achieved in their experiments was improving, but still remained tantalisingly short of practical breakeven.(the) breakeven point/levelHowever, the improvement gained for the cost incurred would mean a financial breakeven point of several thousand miles.Operating leverage is very high near the breakeven point and decreases as the level of production increases above the breakeven point.At the new level of operations, the breakeven point is one unit higher than the old level.First, there are two breakeven points in the nonlinear case.