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buoybuoy2 (also buoy up) verb [transitive]  1 HAPPYto make someone feel happier or more confident The party is buoyed up by the latest opinion poll results.2 BFto keep profits, prices etc at a high level Increased demand for computers buoyed their profits.3 ON/ON TOP OFto keep something floating→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
buoySome investors assert that the lack of a spending accord, for now, will buoy bonds by choking off economic growth.Democrats were buoyed by election results.Dole, campaigning in Columbus, Ohio, Friday, was buoyed by the California result.He was buoyed by the knowledge that at last they had a clear suspect.Over the last few months the republic had been buoyed by waves of euphoria.Easier credit would help buoy economic growth.The needy themselves, buoyed up by economic boom, have been happy to go along.In a gravitational field this causes the denser air to sink and buoy up the less dense gas.