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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbuyoutbuy‧out /ˈbaɪaʊt/ noun [countable]  BFa situation in which someone gains control of a company by buying all or most of its shares a management buyout buy out at buy1
Examples from the Corpus
buyoutAT&T successfully negotiated a buyout of McCaw Cellular.Reports of negotiations have persisted since the Wall Street Journal reported last month that a buyout was imminent.It was not a typical privatization, since all shares were sold to employees - what we call an employee buyout.Financing buyouts has, however, retained its popularity given the greater security involved in such a deal.Goodrich had approached Rohr about a friendly buyout several months ago, he said.Some numbers crunchers predict that few non-defense employees will get buyouts this year under the authority that ends in December.Co., the New York-based leveraged buyout specialist, sources said.In the previous year only 53% of buyouts came from corporate restructuring.