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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcapitalizecap‧i‧tal‧ize (also capitalise British English) /ˈkæpətl-aɪz/ verb [transitive]  1 SLAto write a letter of the alphabet using a capital letter2 BFto supply a business with money so that it can operate3 BF technical to calculate the value of a business based on the value of its shares or on the amount of money it makescapitalization /ˌkæpɪtl-aɪˈzeɪʃən $ -tl-ə-/ noun [uncountable] capitalize on something→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
capitalizeBy 1984, the Olympics were open to track professionals, but Milburn, then 34, was too old to capitalize.You know the plant is a cultivar if part of the name is in single quotes, capitalized and not Latinized.The store's Japanese branches are capitalized at 2.8 million yen.There are a number of highly capitalized industries with imported technology in the north.The Profitboss capitalizes on failure, does not let it destroy him.A second classification was made using a supervised approach so that we could capitalize on our local knowledge of the study area.The old motels capitalized on regional pride and kitsch, cheerfully twisting their neon signs into oddball shapes.Such automated systems would also be potentially vulnerable to false information from people or agents hoping to capitalize on their correlated behaviour.They have not stood pat while other teams attempted to capitalize on their setbacks.Be sure to capitalize the first word of every sentence.The first concern is determining the appropriate earnings to be capitalized. the second is determining the appropriate capitalization rate.