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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcash flowˈcash flow noun [singular, uncountable]  BFthe movement of money coming into a business as income and going out as wages, materials etc We expect a rise in both our production and our cash flow. The builder is unable to pay due to cash flow problems.
Examples from the Corpus
cash flowYou have to learn to estimate capital expenditures, cash flow, and receivables.The translation business has been maintaining a healthy cash flow.This is probably the most satisfactory method for the landlord since the regularity of his cash flow will be maintained.To improve cash flow, Kmart eliminated its dividend, cut expenses and boosted earnings.Pyramid said its cash flow remained positive in the fourth quarter.Without a paycheck, you discover the importance of cash flow, and your accountant has to become your best friend.This is most useful, since it promotes cash flow through the business in the first and early years of trading.These investments have therefore been treated as cash equivalents in preparing the cash flow statement reflecting the liquid nature of the investments.And it is always better to take a cautious view of your cash flow.cash flow problemsBosses at Reads in Bootle called in the liquidator after battling for more than a year against cash flow problems.A company with severe cash flow problems may have no choice but to run a lean inventory operation.Moreover, particularly with smaller firms, the builder may be unable to pay owing to cash flow problems, receivership or bankruptcy.Haulage is particularly prone to cash flow problems.