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creditcredit2 ●○○ AWL verb [transitive]  1 BFBto add money to a bank account opp debitcredit to The cheque has been credited to your account.credit with For some reason my account’s been credited with an extra $76.2 credit somebody with (doing) something3 be credited to somebody/something4 BELIEVE formal to believe that something is truedifficult/hard/impossible etc to credit We found his statement hard to credit.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
creditHis statements are hard to credit.Soon the Towel was credited for everything.Leiser credits Franz Liszt with bringing him to San Diego.Today I credit one of them, at least, with keeping her alive through hard times.He was credited with a safety and also a 60-yard fumble return for a touchdown...No more than five candidates could be credited with more than 41,667 votes each.credit toThe check has been credited to your account.difficult/hard/impossible etc to creditDuring the course of the next few months I uncovered a tale of wickedness and depravity hard to credit.Official figures are hard to credit as families fail to claim benefit.At first, I found it hard to credit such an error to my father.At the end of that time the conscientious manager may well find it difficult to credit the evidence.In fact, however, it is astonishingly hard to credit them with much work that deserves to be called mathematical.If he had any lingering memories, which was almost impossible to credit, they would not match what he now encountered.