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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishequityeq‧ui‧ty /ˈekwəti/ noun  1 [uncountable] formalFAIR a situation in which all people are treated equally and no one has an unfair advantage opp inequity a society run on the principles of equity and justice2 [uncountable] technicalBF the amount of money that you would have left if you sold your house and paid off the money you borrowed to buy the house3 equities4 [uncountable] lawFAIR the principle that a fair judgment must be made in a situation where the existing laws do not provide an answer
Examples from the Corpus
equityTrading was comparatively light in both currency and equity markets, but the collapse in confidence seemed widespread.Its domestic equity funds account for only $ 13 billion of its $ 145 billion in assets under management.Reflection on the basic rationale of equity investment, that is.It seems to us to contravene all normal rules of equity that they should be able to behave in this fashion.The rankings were based on return on equity.Shareholders and creditors agree to restructure debts and payment schedules and, often, to swap debt for riskier equity.San Francisco-based Schwab returned 30 percent on shareholders' equity, up from 29 percent a year ago.These ownership forms are generally reflected by a simpler method of presentation of the equity section.All human beings want to be treated with equity and respect.