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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfinancial yearfiˌnancial ˈyear noun [singular] especially British English  BFthe 12-month period over which a company’s accounts are calculated syn fiscal year American English
Examples from the Corpus
financial yearHowever, in the first five months of the current financial year to 30 September 1992, it showed considerable improvement.In its last financial year ending December 1988, Pearl reported pre-tax profits of £66.2m compared with £48.34m a year earlier.Last financial year, some 740,000 people entered Government training programmes, compared with 110,000 in 1978-79 - a sevenfold increase.In the financial year 1982-83 the sales revenue from the sales of books, music and journals amounted to approximately £60m.Gone are the days of spending frantically because the end of the financial year was nigh.My Department is providing £200,000 this financial year to motor projects dealing with young offenders, thereby keeping them out of custody.