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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfixed costsˌfixed ˈcosts noun [plural] technical  BFcosts, such as rent, that a business has to pay even when it is not producing anythingvariable costs
Examples from the Corpus
fixed costsMany Southeastern utilities are hamstrung by high fixed costs.Deterioration of market conditions and higher fixed costs were blamed for the decline.If fixed costs are shared between products a method of allocating and apportioning these costs to individual products must be introduced.Defining as the elasticity of substitution in fixed costs, and as the shares in fixed costs.On the other hand, if the firm falls short of covering its fixed costs, a loss will be incurred.Alarmingly, many crops are not generating enough return to justify this spend on fixed costs.Corporation tax, by increasing the fixed costs, in effect raises the entry barriers to the industry.