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leverageleverage2 verb [transitive] American English technical  1 BFto make money available to someone in order to invest or to buy something such as a company the use of public funds to leverage private investment2 to spread or use resources (=money, skills, buildings etc that an organization has available), ideas etc again in several different ways or in different parts of a company, system etcleverage something across something Reusable software is leveraged across many applications.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
leverageHe then began a forty-year process of leveraging his holdings to acquire additional media resources in other parts of the world.The agreement promises to leverage Kalpana's strengths in Ethernet switching technology to boost Sparcserver network performance and availability.Emap Partenaires was established to develop ancillary revenues leveraging off our market leading positions.At the same time, their capacity to leverage private capital in support of these developments has varied considerably.Development programs often use public funds to leverage private investment.These and other economic development proposals have emphasized targeting and leveraging to get maximum use of the federal dollars.