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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishliquidityli‧quid‧i‧ty /lɪˈkwɪdəti/ noun [uncountable] technical  1 BFwhen a business or a person has money or goods that can be sold to pay debts2 LIQUIDthe state of being liquid
Examples from the Corpus
liquidityThe balance of items in this range is influenced by two important considerations: profitability and liquidity.The attraction of options and futures, our specialty item, was that they offered both liquidity and fantastic leverage.The incentive to borrow was raised still further by a reduction in the costs of bankruptcy and an increase in market liquidity.Thus far we have seen that current assets are listed in order of liquidity, or nearness to cash.In order of priority, these criteria are safety, liquidity, and yield.The second liquidity need is the same liquidity need that individuals have-firms need to maintain some cash balances to meet unexpected emergencies.But they must always have sufficient liquidity to cover the possibility of any withdrawals.