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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmaturityma‧tu‧ri‧ty /məˈtʃʊərəti $ -ˈtʃʊr-/ ●○○ AWL noun [uncountable]  1 SENSIBLEthe quality of behaving in a sensible way like an adult opp immaturity Beth shows a maturity way beyond her 16 years. One day you’ll have the maturity to understand.2 ADULTthe time or state when someone or something is fully grown or developedat maturity The tree will reach only 5 feet at maturity.reach/come to/grow to maturity These insects reach full maturity after a few weeks. the era when the Republic came to political maturitysexual/emotional/physical maturity He lacks the emotional maturity to appreciate poetry.3 BFthe time when a financial arrangement such as a bond or an insurance policy becomes ready to be paid
Examples from the Corpus
maturityGraham stayed until January 1966 and saw Palace to Second Division maturity and stability.He also infused the work with a profound vision reflecting great maturity and emotional depth.It's time for him to match his maturity with his golf and realise he's not going to win every time.Thus juvenile mortality readily influences size by tuning the timing of maturity.Sharks take 10 years to reach maturity.The plant reaches maturity after two years.There's a real difference in the maturity level of a 13- and a 15-year-old.The bond is currently priced at 98-16 per 100 nominal with a yield to maturity of 12.50 percent.The term structure of interest rates describes the relationship between the yield to maturity and the term to maturity of debt issues.sexual/emotional/physical maturitySome teachers and most students have limited intellectual and emotional maturity...The compulsion to develop physical maturity long in advance of emotional growth was irresistible.Her emotional maturity should be such that she does not have to gratify personal needs at the patient's expense.They tend to aggravate rather than improve the poor self-esteem, poor individual coping skills and poor emotional maturity in the primary sufferer.And studies show that intellectual and emotional growth does seem to stall after we reach physical maturity.This is still true when he says that some of the respondents lacked the emotional maturity to respond adequately to poetry.Believe me, intellectual age has little to do with emotional maturity.