Date: 1400-1500
Language: French
Origin: 'bright, clean'; NEAT


2 adjective
net2 also nett British English [only before noun]
1BFBB the net amount is the final amount that remains after all the other amounts have been taken away [↪ gross]:
The net profit (=after taxes, costs etc) was up 16.3% last month.
The company reported a net loss of $56 million last year.
Vernon estimates the company's net worth at over $8 billion.
The United States is a net importer of beef (=it imports more than it exports).

net result/effect

the final result or effect of something:
The net result will be higher costs to the consumer.

net weight

TM the weight of something without its container
net adverb:
He earns $40,000 net.
jars of coffee weighing 450 grams net

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