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netnet2 ●○○ (also nett British English) adjective [only before noun]  1 BFBBthe net amount is the final amount that remains after all the other amounts have been taken awaygross The net profit (=after taxes, costs etc) was up 16.3% last month. The company reported a net loss of $56 million last year. Vernon estimates the company’s net worth at over $8 billion. The United States is a net importer of beef (=it imports more than it exports).2 net result/effect3 net weightnet adverb He earns $40,000 net. jars of coffee weighing 450 grams net
Examples from the Corpus
netIt is the price of the bonds that determines the net asset value of bond funds.Ronson told bankers that the March 31 accounts would show net assets had fallen to £135 million compared with £585 million previously.Foreign investors were net buyers, though some were waiting for a market drop to allow bargain-hunting.Orange is expected to break even in net income terms by 1998.That account tells us the amount of net payments over receipts compared with the budgeted figures.net profitArcade had net profit 16. 9 million guilders in its fiscal year ended March on sales of about 398 million guilders.Fujitsu says it expects to break even in 1993-94, with zero net profit.Roche will report net profit April 24.Another net profit for Swindon Town.It has 2,600 employees and 1995 revenues of $ 984 million with a net profit of $ 131 million.Nestle posted 1994 net profit of 2. 94 billion francs, before items.