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netnet2 ●○○ (also nett British English) adjective [only before noun] πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 BFBBthe net amount is the final amount that remains after all the other amounts have been taken away β†’ gross πŸ”Š The net profit (=after taxes, costs etc) was up 16.3% last month. πŸ”Š The company reported a net loss of $56 million last year. πŸ”Š Vernon estimates the company’s net worth at over $8 billion. πŸ”Š The United States is a net importer of beef (=it imports more than it exports).2 β†’ net result/effect3 β†’ net weight β€”net adverb πŸ”Š He earns $40,000 net. πŸ”Š jars of coffee weighing 450 grams net
Examples from the Corpus
netβ€’ It is the price of the bonds that determines the net asset value of bond funds.β€’ Ronson told bankers that the March 31 accounts would show net assets had fallen to Β£135 million compared with Β£585 million previously.β€’ Foreign investors were net buyers, though some were waiting for a market drop to allow bargain-hunting.β€’ Orange is expected to break even in net income terms by 1998.β€’ That account tells us the amount of net payments over receipts compared with the budgeted figures.net profitβ€’ Arcade had net profit 16. 9 million guilders in its fiscal year ended March on sales of about 398 million guilders.β€’ Fujitsu says it expects to break even in 1993-94, with zero net profit.β€’ Roche will report net profit April 24.β€’ Another net profit for Swindon Town.β€’ It has 2,600 employees and 1995 revenues of $ 984 million with a net profit of $ 131 million.β€’ Nestle posted 1994 net profit of 2. 94 billion francs, before items.