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principalprincipal2 ●●○ noun  1 school [countable] American EnglishSE someone who is in charge of a school syn headteacher British English a small school with just three teachers and the principalsee thesaurus at teacher2 university/collegeSE [countable] British English someone who is in charge of a university or college3 business [countable] American English the main person in a business or organization, who can make important business decisions and is legally responsible for them The principal of the business has an office in New York.4 performer [countable]AP the main performer in a play or in a group of musicians, dancers etc She later became a principal with the Royal Ballet.5 money [singular] technicalBFMONEY the original amount of money that is lent to someone, not including any of the interest
Examples from the Corpus
principalInsured bonds carry a pledge from a private backer to pay interest and principal on the bonds if the issuer defaults.Another teacher who moved me was an assistant principal named Cho, who doubled as a history teacher.His comments on Paul Caton, the deputy principal, were gratuitously offensive.Each son has a career in education -- three teachers and one principal.Major Jack Tilley warmed up the troops much in the fashion of a jovial high school principal preparing students for graduation.Once, after he had been absent a fortnight, the principal tackled his parents.In the course of acting for each of their principals, estate agents will acquire information confidential to that principal.The government will also receive inflation-adjusted 12 percent interest on the unpaid principal.