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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishproceedspro‧ceeds /ˈprəʊsiːdz $ ˈproʊ-/ ●○○ AWL noun [plural] formal  BFthe money that is obtained from doing something or selling somethingprofit We sold the business and bought a villa in Spain with the proceeds.proceeds of/from The proceeds of the concert will go to charity.
Examples from the Corpus
proceedsA Gramm spokesman said the airwave proceeds alone would amount to $ 8. 4 billion over five years.There are just better and better placements as intellectual development proceeds.In his book, Mowat proceeds to a detailed analysis of the part played by MacDonald in the crisis.CrossCom says that it plans to use the net proceeds for new product development and for working capital.Net proceeds will be used to repay short and long-term debt, refinance long term debt and for working capital.Henry offered a generous plan that allowed each person to designate a church of his choice to share tax proceeds.All the proceeds from the concert will go to charity.The money is to go in a penalty box kept by Grandmother; the proceeds will go to a charity.His first year in business was so successful that John could afford to buy a delivery van with the proceeds.The proceeds of the sale of the house went to an animal-welfare charity, as stated in the owner's will.Physicians Resource said it will use proceeds for acquisitions, working capital, capital expenditures and letters of credit.proceeds of/fromThe individual has to put all proceeds from the sale of the old house into buying the new one.The sum needed to cover the gap would gradually decrease each year as proceeds from parental trust funds phase into the system.If he proceeds from the Son, why do you not say he is the grandson of the Father?It proceeds from the position that an exploration of transformations of sexuality must be central to any theorization of postmodernity.It would be necessary in such a case to apportion the proceeds of the issue to each component. 68.The money was part of the proceeds from the sale of unclaimed property sold under the Police Property Act.The proceeds of stocks and bonds are generally invested by their sellers in real capital such as factories and equipment.The proceeds of the levy were expected to amount to £80 million in a full year.