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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrecoupre‧coup /rɪˈkuːp/ verb [transitive]  BFto get back an amount of money you have lost or spent syn recover The movie will have to be a huge hit to recoup its cost. He was desperate to try and recoup his losses.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
recoupThe Liverpool chief has also recouped £16.4m in sales, leaving his overall dealings standing at a staggering £47.9m.She put $50 on the next race in an attempt to recoup her losses.Olaf died in battle, attempting to recoup his losses.Twentieth Century-Fox, desperate to recoup its investment, negotiated a new deal with David Merrick, producer of the stage show.San Marcos seeks to recoup more than $ 4 million it was forced to allocate for low-income housing.The dentist gives treatment for free and then recoups the cost from the government.If the homeowner can not meet the loan payments, the lender can foreclose and resell the house to recoup the loss.But unless covered by his own insurance, the second renter may have to sue the negligent tenant to recoup the losses.This is a means of making sure that they recoup their costs and prevents swaths of customers switching to better deals.