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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishremittancere‧mit‧tance /rɪˈmɪtəns/ noun  1 [countable] formalTCMPAY FOR an amount of money that you send to pay for something2 [uncountable]BFPAY FOR when you send moneyon remittance of something We will forward the goods on remittance of £10.
Examples from the Corpus
remittanceThe Central Bank has frozen all remittances of profits, dividends and interest.This flow was paralleled by remittances to the City of customs and tax revenues from the district collectors.Enough wealth has trickled back to the rural areas in the form of remittances to keep the lid on discontent.Controls on capital and profit remittances Debt problems, at the extreme, cause capital flight.He would have told the bank he lost the remittance and would have had them send him another.Did you ever sec Signor Greenleaf sign any of those remittances?As I mentioned in my letter to you of 25 May, our Finance Department can not trace having received your remittance.