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returnreturn2 ●●● S2 W2 noun  1 coming back [singular]RETURN the act of returning from somewhere, or your arrival back in a place We’re all looking forward to your return!return from I need to know the date of her return from Europe.return to Malcolm decided to delay his return to York.on/upon somebody’s return On his return from Canada, he joined the army.2 giving back [singular]GIVE the act of giving, putting, or sending something backreturn of A mother is appealing for the safe return of her baby son. Police have arranged for the return of the stolen goods.3 changing back [singular]START TO HAPPEN, EXIST ETC a change back to a previous state or situationreturn to The United States called for a return to democracy. a return to normal4 starting again [singular]CONTINUE/START AGAIN when someone starts an activity again after they had stoppedreturn to Rose’s return to the teaching profession Jean is well enough now to consider her return to work.5 profit [countable, uncountable]BF the amount of profit that you get from something The markets are showing extremely poor returns.return on How can you get the best return on your investment?return from The returns from farming are declining. The average rates of return were 15%.see thesaurus at profit 6 in return (for something)7 computer [uncountable]TDBBO the key that you press on a computer at the end of an instruction or to move to a new line syn enter Key in the file name and press return.8 ticket [countable] British EnglishTTRETURN (also return ticket) a ticket for a journey from one place to another and back again opp single syn round trip American English Can I have a return to London please? day return9 feeling/situation [singular] when a feeling, situation etc starts to exist or happen againreturn of She felt a return of her old anxiety. David had noticed the return of worrying symptoms in the last few days.10 statement [countable]PETANSWER/REPLY a statement giving written information in reply to official questions an analysis of the 1851 census returns tax return11 vote [countable] technical a vote in an election What are the returns from last night’s voting?12 by return (of post) the point of no return at point1(10)
Examples from the Corpus
returnIncreasingly, businesses began to call for a return on their investment in public education.The company offers the hope of big returns for people who buy its shares.After her return, she had spent the first week weeping, conscious of her father's tight-lipped disappointment and indignant fury.The first two nights had passed in sheer misery, as he sat up waiting, praying for her return.Note was taken that Ned had failed to advise the twelfth floor of Barley's drunken breakout after his return from Leningrad.In return, you will receive a salary in the range of £11,586 to £16,176 pa depending on qualifications and experience.Most people get fairly low returns from their personal investments.Type in your file name and press return.We were anxiously awaiting Pedro's return.Both sides are demanding the return of territory lost in the war.She begged for the return of her kidnapped baby.The time period that funds can be invested is critical in maximizing the returns from investments.The return on the initial investment was huge.Eaton said large institutional investors today are putting more pressure on publicly traded companies to increase their returns.This return to a leaner structure is a direct result of the downturn in sales in key areas such as Impressionist paintings.on/upon somebody’s returnOn his return from the Holy Land, he stopped at Cotignola.return ofPerhaps her rapid shifts in mood signaled the return of madness.return to workIt was almost eight years before I could consider a return to work.The Solidarity leader Lech Walesa also appealed for a return to work.The financial benefits gained in terms of productivity and maintaining an occupational income by returning to work are clear.She returned to work, but again, she said delusional thoughts were getting in the way.Twenty factories obeying Yeltsin's strike call were asked to return to work by Sobchak.But as long as he continued to undergo treatment, David believed he could fend off Pamela and the need to return to work.When will workers return to work?rates of returnIn evaluating corporate performance an attempt will be made to link accounting rates of return to an internal rate of return.Covers both the private and social rented sectors and considers rent levels, rent patterns, house prices and rates of return.Empirically, wages and rates of return on capital do not equalize in even rather long periods of time.Private investments historically have paid far higher rates of return than Social Security.Many farmers had given up working the land because of low rates of return and had turned to producing more lucrative goods.The weights, mean rates of return and standard deviations were as shown in Table 5.2.This fuller analysis of the costs and benefits raises rates of return, especially on lowland forests.The term structure of interest rates is the relationship between the rates of return on bonds with different maturity dates.