2 noun
return2 S2 W2

coming back

[singular] the act of returning from somewhere, or your arrival back in a place:
We're all looking forward to your return!
return from
I need to know the date of her return from Europe.
return to
Malcolm decided to delay his return to York.
on/upon somebody's return
On his return from Canada, he joined the army.

giving back

[singular] the act of giving, putting, or sending something back
return of
A mother is appealing for the safe return of her baby son.
Police have arranged for the return of the stolen goods.

changing back

[singular] a change back to a previous state or situation
return to
The United States called for a return to democracy.
a return to normal

starting again

[singular] when someone starts an activity again after they had stopped
return to
Rose's return to the teaching profession
Jean is well enough now to consider her return to work.


[uncountable and countable]BF the amount of profit that you get from something:
The markets are showing extremely poor returns.
return on
How can you get the best return on your investment?
return from
The returns from farming are declining.
The average rates of return were 15%.

in return (for something)

as payment or reward for something:
He is always helping people without expecting anything in return.
We offer an excellent all-round education to our students. In return, we expect students to work hard.
Liz agreed to look after the baby in return for a free room.


[singular] when a feeling, situation etc starts to exist or happen again
return of
She felt a return of her old anxiety.
David had noticed the return of worrying symptoms in the last few days.


[uncountable]TDBBO the key that you press on a computer at the end of an instruction or to move to a new line [= enter]:
Key in the file name and press return.


[countable]PET a statement giving written information in reply to official questions:
an analysis of the 1851 census returns
tax return


[countable] technical a vote in an election:
What are the returns from last night's voting?

by return (of post)

British EnglishTCM if you reply to a letter by return, you send your reply almost immediately


[countable] British EnglishTT a ticket for a journey from one place to another and back again [≠ single; = round trip AmE] day return

➔ the point of no return

at point1 (10)

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