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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishruinru‧in1 /ˈruːɪn/ ●●○ S3 verb [transitive]  1 SPOILto spoil or destroy something completely This illness has ruined my life. His career would be ruined. All this mud’s going to ruin my shoes.see thesaurus at destroy, spoil2 BFMONEYto make someone lose all their money Jefferson was ruined by the lawsuit. ruined→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
ruinI thought my career, my friendships and my whole life was ruined.Surely you don't want to ruin all our good work, do you?Many firms have been ruined by hasty decisions.The Zimmerman's house was ruined by the flood.The rain had ruined her best velvet skirt.She is still angry with the suppliers, who she says ruined her by failing to deliver on time.Phelps's mistake has ruined her chances of winning the championship.The incident has all but ruined her financially.She almost hated them for ruining her life.In college he loved a young girl of a lower class and ruined her; she died a suicide.Alcohol and drugs almost ruined his career.And if you are ruined, Mr Dollington, it will be by your own hand.Patty's ex-boyfriend is ruining our relationship.I've seen a lot of good coppers ruined that way.A long strike would ruin the company.Serious in-fighting ruined the Conservatives' chances of winning the election.But this would have ruined the entire tax system.John and Sandy argued all the time, which completely ruined the evening for the rest of us.The only thing that ruined the game for me was the time it took to load each room.Protestors say that the proposed new airport will ruin this peaceful area.How can you prevent stomach upsets from ruining your holiday?Don't use harsh soap to wash your face. It will ruin your skin.