Date: 1100-1200
Language: Old Norse
Origin: traust 'confidence, trust'


1 noun
trust1 S1 W2


[uncountable] a strong belief in the honesty, goodness etc of someone or something:
At first there was a lack of trust between them.
an agreement made on the basis of mutual trust (=when people trust each other)
put/place your trust in somebody/something
You shouldn't put your trust in a man like that.
You betrayed your father's trust (=did something bad even though he trusted you).

➔ breach of trust

at breach1 (3)


[countable usually singular]BF an organization or group that has control over money that will be used to help someone else:
a charitable trust

financial arrangement

[uncountable and countable]BF an arrangement by which someone has legal control of your money or property, either until you are old enough to use it or to invest it for you:
The money your father left you will be held in trust until you are 21.
trust fund, unit trust

take something on trust

to believe that something is true without having any proof:
I just had to take it on trust that he would deliver the money.

position of trust

a job or position in which you have been given the responsibility of making important decisions


[countable] especially American EnglishPE a group of companies that illegally work together to reduce competition and control prices:
anti-trust laws

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