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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishworking capitalˌworking ˈcapital noun [uncountable]  BFthe money that is available to be used for the costs of a business venture capital
Examples from the Corpus
working capitalBurroughs will use the money as working capital and to reduce debt.Has it enough working capital to enable it to wait out this period without becoming insolvent?It wants the cash to repay debt and for capital expenditures and for working capital.Most significant was an increase in working capital and an increase in labour inputs consequent on the technological changes introduced.He is currently preparing a plan to unlock more working capital by the New Year.This permanent growth in net working capital requires a source of permanent financing.Minimizing the investment in net working capital has important implications for the sales and profitability of the firm.This chapter deals with the manag & ment of these major components of net working capital.