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write-offˈwrite-off noun [countable] πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 British EnglishTTCDESTROY a vehicle that has been so badly damaged that it can never be used again πŸ”Š The car was a complete write-off.2 a period of time when you fail to achieve anything πŸ”Š This morning was a complete write-off.3 BFOWEan official agreement that someone does not have to pay a debt
Examples from the Corpus
write-offβ€’ Still dreaming of her grateful smile, he crashes his car and it is a write-off.β€’ The building is still standing, though a complete write-off.β€’ The car was a complete write-off - I was lucky I wasn't killed.β€’ The House bill contains $ 7 billion in tax credits, including exemptions for employer-paid tuitions and more liberal equipment write-offs.β€’ An extraordinary charge of Β£11.7 million covers the closure of businesses and goodwill write-offs.β€’ Their profits are weakening thanks to tougher competition, loan write-offs and a rising cost of funds.β€’ Silver said, referring to the write-off that the owners can claim because the car is a charitable donation.