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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbarracudabar‧ra‧cu‧da /ˌbærəˈkjuːdə $ -ˈkuːdə/ noun [countable]  HBFa large tropical fish that eats flesh
Examples from the Corpus
barracudaThey are a cross between a coffin and a barracuda.I know there are sharks and moray eels and barracuda and spiny sea urchins.The latter is particularly successful on barracuda.He ate his breakfast at the Grill every morning of his life, desperate to get away from that barracuda.If the barracuda charges, the herring flee away on every side, creating a clear tunnel through the shoal.The barracuda swam two complete circles with Trent watching.Very few of the large predatory species of fish swim in schools, though barracuda are an exception.The Santana's friendly owner Vijay is happy to show you your barracuda from your butter fish.