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carpcarp2 noun (plural carp) [countable]  HBFa large fish that lives in lakes and rivers and can be eaten
Examples from the Corpus
carpI used to be able to summon a carp from the pond.Chen succeeded in accelerating their growth by transferring genes from carp and rainbow trout to the tilapia.Instantly the water becomes a maelstrom, as huge grey carp or catfish lunge for the food.A successful carp angler still has to know his fish.Her sister spent hours in the pavilion by the carp pond, composing replies.It is sensible to give the carp a balanced diet for we want the carp to do well on our baits.Going back to the carp's insides, once on the way through the carp, the food has to be digested.There were carp in there and we saw them.