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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcodcod1 /kɒd $ kɑːd/ noun (plural cod)  1 [countable]HBF a large sea fish that lives in the North Atlantic2 [uncountable]DFF the white flesh of a cod, eaten as food Two cod fillets, please.
Examples from the Corpus
codIan and a friend bagged 90 cod in just two hours in one purple patch.baked cod with a mustard saucePeeler also works for pout, eels and the big cod.Boats taking occasional thornback ray, but cod scarce.He ordered his meal of cod and chips and no vinegar, then sat down to await its arrival.Plaice, cod, huss and skate are all caught locally.The manager, young Pinto-Marques, supplied him with glasses of chilled vinho verde and plates of olives or salt cod fritters.The fish made several deep dives and I began to wonder who would give up first, me or the cod.Season the cod steaks and place them on top of the tomato mixture.