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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdabdab1 /dæb/ noun [countable]  1 AMOUNTa small amount of something that you put onto a surfacedab of a dab of butter2 TOUCHa light touch with your hand, a cloth etc She wiped her tears away with a dab of her handkerchief.3 be a dab hand at/with something4 HBFa small flat fish5 dabs
Examples from the Corpus
dabA dab with a handkerchief and an early morning sniff was my subterfuge.With big dabs of his brush, he began painting.Hythe Range to Redoubt Wall for dabs, pout and rockling.Tender sand dabs, half a dozen or so to an order, in a light batter, make a good choice.An absolute pristine typical Redesmere roach of old, complete with dab of orange under its chin.Dungeness beach yielded dabs to black lugworm.dab ofAdd a dab of butter and some parsley.