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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishflatfishflat‧fish /ˈflætˌfɪʃ/ noun (plural flatfish) [countable]  HBFa type of sea fish with a thin flat body, such as cod or plaice
Examples from the Corpus
flatfishBournemouth beaches produced odd flounder at night with pout, rockling and flatfish at Friars Cliff.The whole skull of a bony flatfish retains the twisted and distorted evidence of its origins.We see this process of moving round re-enacted in the development of every young bony flatfish.The greatest threat to humans comes from the stingrays, large flatfish that lie inconspicuously on the seabed in shallow waters.Incidentally, some species of flatfish settle on the right side, others on the left, and others on either side.There is not a smooth trajectory connecting these bony fish ancestors to flatfish lying on their belly.A young flatfish starts life swimming near the surface, and it is symmetrical and vertically flattened just like a herring.