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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmarlinmar‧lin /ˈmɑːlɪn $ ˈmɑːr-/ noun (plural marlin) [countable]  HBFa large sea fish with a long sharp nose, which people hunt for sport
Examples from the Corpus
marlinHarry tells her you have to pull four, five hours to land a marlin.Take a boat in search of the swordfish and marlin which offer great sport in these waters.Annie says she and Dan Ross are going to go marlin fishing.While the men put them on, he led the fishing-line down from his marlin rod lashed to the after port stay.Striped marlin, one of the most ferocious and swiftest of hunters, often operate in groups of three or four.The bar extends along the left wall with a stuffed marlin arched above it that I suspect was never really alive.Actually, there was just one fish in the water, and it was marlin.