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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishplaiceplaice /pleɪs/ noun (plural plaice) [countable, uncountable]  HBFa flat sea fish that is eaten
Examples from the Corpus
plaiceSouthwold to Brightlingsea poor with flounder and dabs plus occasional sole and plaice from estuaries.But Lowestoft still has a trawler fleet, mainly fishing on the shallow bed of the North Sea for plaice and haddock.A few late cod from deep water at Lepe while flounder and odd plaice taken from the Stone Point section.The odd plaice show throughout May along with bass and a few early silver eel.Only plaice was familiar to him, so he supposed it had better be that.The fish hawkers on the beach stalls opposite sell plaice still flapping, straight out of the sea.Joe began to prepare the plaice, using a thin and very sharp knife to fillet them.Prepare the plaice to the end of stage 2, cover and refrigerate.