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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsalmonsalm‧on /ˈsæmən/ ●●○ noun  1 salmon.jpg (plural salmon) [countable]HBF a large fish with silver skin and pink flesh that lives in the sea but swims up rivers to lay its eggs2 [uncountable]DF this fish eaten as foodfresh/smoked salmon3 [uncountable] a pink-orange colour
Examples from the Corpus
salmonIt used to be said that any salmon running up the Dee made a one-way journey.Telling the whole truth about the Ayr salmon, rather than letting me off the hook, only improved the tale.The Arundell Arms Hotel in Devon runs a variety of courses in wet and dry fly fishing for salmon and trout.But a highly purified oil found in salmon, sardines and mackerel can shrink solid tumours and stop the weight loss.Traditionally, most of the pink salmon catch has gone into cans, as a less expensive alternative to sockeye.Creative chefs top potatoes with smoked salmon or caviar, or shred raw potatoes as a coating for baked fish or shrimp.Let us now consider the techniques of the salmon.Water sent downstream rose above 62 degrees and killed thousands of tiny salmon.fresh/smoked salmonEating smoked salmon while talking to Johnny Prescott had seemed to last a lifetime.There will be gulls' eggs, smoked salmon, and Stilton.Village wedding feasts may soon forsake smoked salmon canapés in favour of such things as Lincolnshire chine and Wiltshire porkies once again.Nina brought me a plate of smoked salmon and some sliced bread.A practical nurse brought old red wine, a silver tray of smoked salmon, crumbled hard-boiled egg, capers and lemon.It was even better than smoked salmon.From top, Smoked salmon rolls with pesto rice, Christmas jewel basmati salad, Basmati rice cake.