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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwhitingwhit‧ing /ˈwaɪtɪŋ/ noun (plural whiting) [countable]  HBFa black and silver fish that lives in the sea and can be eaten
Examples from the Corpus
whitingWorm baits tempted small codling, coalfish and whiting.Worm baits picked up a few small coalfish, codling and whiting.I then prepare the paper myself using rabbit skin glue and whiting.For the primer I use gesso which I make myself form rabbit size and whiting.Not an efficient exchange, those shrimp for a few fifty cent whiting and maybe a two dollar bluefish.Chesil Beach gave dabs, pout and small whiting during daylight with odd dogfish at night.Dabs and flounder from the stem of Southend Pier, with undersized whiting a nuisance from the extension.It's a busy time on the Mersey for sea anglers as the winter whiting and cod come within casting range.