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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishelixire‧lix‧ir /ɪˈlɪksə $ -ər/ noun  1 [countable] literaryRF a magical liquid that is supposed to cure people of illness, make them younger etc the search for the elixir of life2 [countable]SOLVE/DEAL WITH A PROBLEM something that is supposed to solve problems as if by magic The current new wave of technology should prove an economic elixir.
Examples from the Corpus
elixirThe man who lived here would have definite elixir theories about his yoghurts, his knee-bends, his nudist vacations.And now I found myself alone with little Arcas, one who carried in his veins the immortal elixir of Zeus.People have been peddling phony weight-loss elixirs since before the turn of the century.Nutritionists warn that artificial fat is no magic elixir for weight loss.It is not breath, not wind, not any kind of elixir or potion.Great perils lay before them, and some of them paid with their lives for drinking that peerless elixir.The famous pharmacy reports a Yuletide boom for the elixir.Information is the elixir, the staff of life.To taste the elixir of life, become a drunkard in that mystic tavern!elixir of lifeThis is because we have withheld from them the full elixir of life.To taste the elixir of life, become a drunkard in that mystic tavern!To my father, this uprising of the country was the very elixir of life.