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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishleprechaunlep‧re‧chaun /ˈleprəkɔːn $ -kɑːn, -kɒːn/ noun [countable]  RFan imaginary creature in the form of a little old man, in old Irish stories
Examples from the Corpus
leprechaunNo one had called her a leprechaun before.One story is told of a man who saw a leprechaun bury a purse of gold in a field of ragwort.Subscribers to the service adopt an electronic leprechaun and receive e-mails comprising gossip and tales from the motherland.Interactivity: The sign promises luck should you rub the head of a certain fiberglass leprechaun.Dada came in last, a frozen leprechaun he never wore an overcoat.Oh, no, not with that aggravating, hot-tempered, sensuous little leprechaun.Ken also played a man selling luminous leprechauns and a newspaper seller talking inconsequential nonsense to the proprietor of a coffee stall.