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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishleyley /leɪ, liː/ (also ley line) noun [countable]  RFan imaginary line connecting buildings, places etc that is believed to follow an ancient track that has special power
Examples from the Corpus
leyThe essence of the problem is to define a ley, which is harder than it appears.In fieldwork, you are really looking for anything that might confirm the existence of a ley.He asked me if I knew anything about ley lines and I confessed my ignorance.Within the arable area the greatest changes have been the increase of cereals and the decline of the one-year clover ley.These follow the courses of three major ley lines.The node points channel the ley earth-forces through the system, terminating at the Flying Swan.Not only have UFOs nothing to do with ley lines, they have nothing to do with ancient monuments or geology.