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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlorelore /lɔː $ lɔːr/ noun [uncountable]  RFknowledge or information about a subject, for example nature or magic, that is not written down but is passed from person to person According to local lore, a ghost still haunts the castle.
Examples from the Corpus
loreThey evoke romantic images of humming orchard hives and summer sweetness, presided over by veiled eccentrics steeped in arcane lore.He inhales desert lore and data all his waking hours.Felicity still looked rather piqued at his assumption of her ignorance of drink lore.Want a glimpse of frontier lore without the commercialism and crowds?There is plenty of lore and legend from Whitehall and Westminster to buttress the case for an imperious premiership.He certainly had no intention of allowing the old lore concerning herbs to die out.Snap, Crackle and Pop lore, Kellogg screen savers, etc.Chicken soup had the lore of being healthful, a strength builder.