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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishogreo‧gre /ˈəʊɡə $ ˈoʊɡər/ noun [countable]  1 RFa large imaginary person in children’s stories who eats people2 FRIGHTENEDCRUELsomeone who seems cruel and frightening Her father sounded like a real ogre.
Examples from the Corpus
ogreYou know, he is seen as an ogre.The giant: An ogre, mean and ugly.It will be seen again that the four ogres - anxiety, fear, guilt and anger - all play their parts.Perhaps he was not just another male ogre, after all.Perhaps it was here that ogres and giants used to lure their victims.They heard screams, kicks, the sickening thud of a punch, and the ogre roaring Solper's name.In fact, it was the ogre who owned the land that the king had just driven through.The cat had to deal with the ogre.