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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunicornu‧ni‧corn /ˈjuːnəkɔːn $ -ɔːrn/ noun [countable]  RFan imaginary animal like a white horse with a long straight horn growing on its head
Examples from the Corpus
unicornShe is a unicorn, thought Jay, contriving ways to have their paths cross.Among the existing pseudo-entities, ghosts and unicorns are not especially dangerous.During his chaste vigil he had a vision of wolves, bears, lions, leopards and unicorns.In the Empire they would be called unicorn.There are also problems with words like unicorn, roc, elf and dragon.She doodled a small, ugly dwarf, then a couple of unicorns.Pope Gregory the Great had spoken of taming the wild unicorn, symbol of the man of power.