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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwerewolfwere‧wolf /ˈweəwʊlf, ˈwɪə- $ ˈwer-, ˈwɪr-/ noun (plural werewolves /-wʊlvz/) [countable]  RFa person who, in stories, changes into a wolf every month when the moon is full
Examples from the Corpus
werewolfThe film is about a lawyer who turns into a werewolf.Other bizarre delusions, for instance about the body; e.g. that it is being transformed into that of a werewolf.Vampires and werewolves, werewolves and vampires.Do werewolves feel this sense of safety as they creep back just at dawn into some borrowed body?Also to be considered are the many strange accounts of werewolves, vampires, apart from ghosts and ghouls.She wished she could see Chambers' face when Wolff-Dietrich, the werewolf king, carried the tale back.Succubi, devils, witches, magicians, vampires, werewolves, ghosts and wild boars.