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afters almond anchovy apple apricot artichoke asparagus aspic aubergine avocado bacon bagel baguette baked beans banana bap barley sugar batter bear claw bhaji biscuit bisque blancmange bloater blood orange blue cheese boiled sweet bologna bouillon bread breadfruit breast Brie brioche broad bean broccoli brownie Brussels sprout bubble and squeak bullseye burger burrito butter butter bean butterfat butterscotch Canadian bacon canapé candy apple candy cane candyfloss cannelloni cantaloup caramel carrot cashew cauliflower caviar celery cereal cheddar cheeseburger cheesecake chew chewing gum chicken chicken-fried steak chilli Chinese leaves chip chipolata chitterlings choc choccy choc-ice chocolate chocolate chip cookie chop chop suey chowder chow mein Christmas cake Christmas cookie Christmas pudding chutney clementine cock-a-leekie coconut cod coleslaw collard greens compote coq au vin Cornish pasty couscous crème caramel crepe crumble curry Danish Danish pastry dessert devil's food cake digestive biscuit dill pickle dip dish doorstep dory double cream double-decker doughnut dressing drumstick duck dumpling Dundee cake enchilada faggot fava bean fish fish and chips fishcake fish finger fish stick flapjack foie gras fondant fondue fortune cookie frankfurter gammon garbanzo gelatin ghee gherkin giblets ginger gingerbread ginger nut glacé glacé icing goose gooseberry goulash granola grape grapefruit gravy green bean greengage green onion green pepper green salad griddlecake guacamole haggis hamburger haricot hash hash browns hazelnut heavy heavy cream helping hero hock hominy homogenized honey hors d'oeuvre horseradish hot-cross bun hot dog hotpot houmous huckleberry humbug humus ice iceberg lettuce ice cream ingredient instant Irish stew iron rations jacket potato jalapeño jam jambalaya jawbreaker Jell-O jelly jelly baby jelly bean jelly roll jerky Jerusalem artichoke kabob kale kebab kedgeree kernel ketchup kidney kidney bean kipper kiwi fruit korma kumquat lamb lasagne leek lemon lemon curd lemon sole lentil lettuce lima bean lime linguini liquorice liver liver sausage loaf lobster loganberry lollipop lox lozenge luncheon meat lychee macaroni macaroon marzipan mash matzo mayo mayonnaise meatball meatloaf Melba toast melon meringue milk pudding mincemeat mince pie minestrone mixed grill monkey nut moussaka mousse muesli muffin mulberry mullet mulligatawny munchies mush mushy peas muskmelon mussel mutton nachos nan neapolitan nectarine nonpareil noodle nougat oat cake oatmeal omelette open-faced sandwich open sandwich orange oven-ready oyster packed lunch paella pancake pantry papaya paprika parfait Parmesan parsley parsnip parson's nose passion fruit pasta pastrami pastry pasty pâté patty pavlova pawpaw pea peach Peach Melba peanut peanut butter pear pease pudding pecan pemmican peppermint pepperoni persimmon pickle pilchard pineapple pippin pistachio pitta bread pizza plantain plum plum pudding pomegranate popcorn poppadom Popsicle pound cake profiterole pudding quiche radish ragout raisin rasher raspberry ravioli redcurrant red pepper relish rice pudding risotto rissole roly-poly salad salsa samosa sausage roll savoury schnitzel semolina shepherd's pie sherbet soft-boiled sole sorbet soufflé soup sour cream soy sauce spaghetti Spam spare ribs speciality specialty sponge submarine sandwich succotash sucker summer pudding sundae sushi sweet sweetbread sweetie sweet roll Swiss roll Swiss steak syllabub tagliatelle terrine toad-in-the-hole vol-au-vent wafer waffle water biscuit water chestnut water ice watermelon weenie Welsh rarebit whip whipped cream whipping cream Yorkshire pudding

Language: Old English
Origin: foda


food S1 W1
1 [uncountable and countable] things that people and animals eat, such as vegetables or meatCOLLOCATIONS COLLOCATIONS
good food hot/cold/spicy/fatty/starchy food Italian/French/Chinese etc food fresh food frozen food processed food (=food that has chemicals in it to make it last a long time) canned food also tinned food British English (=sold in cans) junk food (=food that is full of sugar or fat and is bad for your health) fast food (=hamburgers and other foods that are made to be eaten quickly) health food (=food that is thought to be good for your health) organic food (=food that is produced without using harmful chemicals) baby food dog/pet/cat food be off your food British English (=not want to eat your food) food shortage food scare (=when people are afraid to eat a particular kind of food) the food industry food colouring/additives
The restaurant serves good food at affordable prices.
Try not to eat too much spicy food.
I love Italian food, especially pasta.
He eats a lot of junk food and doesn't get enough exercise.
a fast food restaurant
People are willing to pay more for organic food.
Her little boy has a fever and he's been off his food.
Severe food shortages have led to rioting against the military government.
The recent series of food scares has made people more wary of eating meat.
Consumer pressure is being put upon the food industry to cut down on factory farming methods.

food for thought

something that makes you think carefully:
The teacher's advice certainly gave me food for thought.