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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishasparagusas‧par‧a‧gus /əˈspærəɡəs/ noun [uncountable]  asparagus.jpg HBPDFFa long thin green vegetable with a point at one end
Examples from the Corpus
asparagusPlanted more blueberries and also asparagus.No, it's not a typo, but a broccoli and asparagus hybrid.Heat the soup and asparagus tips with the white wine in a saucepan.If we eat out my favourite meal is oysters and caviar followed by asparagus with melted butter.Place the chopped asparagus over the mushrooms and onions.On a fruit stall she spied some big bunches of asparagus.Purée the asparagus in a processor, retaining the tips for a garnish.