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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbaked beansˌbaked ˈbeans noun [plural]  DFFsmall white beans cooked in a sauce made from tomatoes, usually sold in cans
Examples from the Corpus
baked beansPotato salad and baked beans are standard fare at most delis.They still expected to get cheap baked beans, but would pay over the odds for high-quality fresh food.But the school dinner she was wolfing down was nothing like the standard favourite of baked beans, burgers and ice-cream.I said to him once, sitting in a chair as he fed me my midday meal of baked beans and crackers.Consider a plateful of baked beans on toast.We had a wonderful, lazy time and didn't see a tin of baked beans for the whole fortnight.In my local supermarket you can buy tins of baked beans without tomato sauce.