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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbarley sugarˈbarley ˌsugar noun [countable, uncountable] British English  DFFa hard sweet made of boiled sugar
Examples from the Corpus
barley sugarDad got me to read aloud to him and then offered me a barley sugar.Ever since they had started the journey Christopher had been chewing barley sugar.He had eaten an assortment of sweets during the afternoon followed by an ice-cream and was now into barley sugar again.The castle looks as if it is twirled out of barley sugar.He smelt of outdoors and of secret barley sugar.A fine oak staircase with barley sugar bannisters leads out of the stone flagged hall and the south-east facing sitting-room is panelled.The assistants know what they are doing, and never try to sell you barley sugar on the way out.