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chopchop2 noun [countable]  1 MEATDFFa small piece of meat on a bone, usually cut from a sheep or pigsteak a grilled pork/lamb chop2 the chop3 WITH YOUR HANDHITa hard downward movement that you make with your hand a karate chop4 WITH A TOOLHITthe act of hitting something with a sharp tool in order to cut it With one last chop he split the log in two.5 chops6 the chops
Examples from the Corpus
chopOften I could only afford a small steak and kidney pie and I'd give it to him, or a chop.He cut slowly into his chop.I collapse over my lamb chops and have to be put to bed.Faith has asked for two high quality lamb chops and steak.Lamb chops were both nourishing and cheap.That is why some people adore eating spiders and grubs, whilst others would throw up if fed a pork chop.I ordered a double pork chop.pork chops and applesauce