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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgherkingher‧kin /ˈɡɜːkɪn $ ˈɡɜːr-/ noun [countable]  pickles.jpg DFFa small type of cucumber that has been preserved in vinegar to make a type of pickle
Examples from the Corpus
gherkinChips have lots of vitamin C and gherkins are fat-free, but mix with jacket spuds and calorie-free salads.Pâté with sliced egg and gherkin.Pizza Roll - spicy chopped pork with hunks of garlic salami, black olives, red popper and gherkins.Divide one tablespoon of chopped gherkins among the toasts and serve.Pierce 2 olive halves and one gherkin with halved cocktail sticks and put in orange to make porcupines' eyes and nose.Actually, a damn sight more than from that stiff gherkin Smott.Garnish with gherkins and cherry tomatoes.