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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhoneyhon‧ey /ˈhʌni/ ●●● S2 noun  1 [uncountable]DFF a sweet sticky substance produced by bees, used as food2 spoken especially American EnglishLOVE used to address someone you love syn love Hi, honey.3 [countable] informal an attractive woman
Examples from the Corpus
honeyHe bore a tray with a pint mug of steaming coffee and two thick slices of bread and honey.Where were you born, honey?Garlic butter, honey butter, and maple butter are mixtures of butter and the named ingredients.The wasp strays in, eats a little honey, warms itself, tries to sting and travels out to some winter lair.Do you have a pen, honey?Trepolov absentmindedly bit viciously into the peppermint honey cake.And if it isn't honey, the absence of that taste will cause Pooh to believe that it isn't honey.