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humushu‧mus2 /ˈhjuːməs/ noun [uncountable]  TADLGsoil made of decayed plants, leaves etc that is good for growing plantscompost
Examples from the Corpus
humusHowever, the basic structural principle remains, and the primary constituents are present: air, humus, bacteria and moisture.The twin-bin system enables humus to be kept in one section, while decomposing materials are housed in the other.Cultivation: The planting medium should contain a good amount of humus.Wind and spring floods erode soils, exposing underlying layers and premiering new compositions of humus and minerals on the surface.They require a fine tilth with plenty of humus and moisture, and are slow growing.Also the humus from decaying plants is washed down.I prepared the soil with humus, watered the plants and sprayed with a garlic solution to deter bugs.